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[Note that Mykola Zhulyns'kyi is not only vice-PM in the government, 
but also is the president of AAUS' parent organization, MAU, the 
Mizhnarodna asotsiatsiia ukrainistiv. The two links are to the "Za 
pravdu" site--rd]

Zhulyns'kyi promised that those involved in the illegal arrests and
violence against students will be punished:


Press conference with those who were arrested on March 9 on their return to


EU/OSCE: EU Statement on Ukraine

Date: 15/03/2001
Policy area: General affairs
News item: Other documents

The Ukrainian leadership has repeatedly reassured the European Union of its
ambition to fully adhere to the principles of a democratic society based on
respect for human rights and the rule of law. The EU is concerned that the
statement of the President of Ukraine on the 6 March demanding a declaration
of loyalty from all government officials is not consistent with these
The EU is concerned about the events which occurred on the 9 March in Kiev.
The high number of injured demonstrators and police officers indicates that
excessive force was used. Violence cannot be accepted from either side. In
this context, the EU calls on the Ukrainian public not to resort to violent
means to express political views; and on the Ukrainian authorities and law
enforcement agencies to show maximum restraint. The EU calls on the
Ukrainian authorities to investigate the behaviour of the police on the 9

The EU welcomes the offer by the President of Ukraine to invite all
interested political forces to discuss the situation at the negotiating
table and hopes that this dialogue will be held in a constructive manner. At
the same time, the right of the Ukrainian people to express their opinions
peacefully should not be infringed.

With reference to the Gongadze case the EU welcomes the beginning of
investigations by the general prosecutor and expresses its hope that these
will lead to the prosecution of those responsible for the murder and any
other crimes uncovered. The EU also welcomes Ukraine's expressed willingness
to co-operate within the Council of Europe in order to implement
Recommendation 1497 (2001) of the Parliamentary Assembly of this

The EU has noted with interest the intention of the Ukrainian authorities to
improve protection of journalists and the freedom of the media expressed at
this weeks Supplementary human dimension meeting. The EU in Kiev is actively
considering how it could co-operate and assist in this respect.

The associated Countries, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia,
Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey subscribe to this

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