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Dear Colleagues,

As many of you who read the "Statement of Scholars and Professionals 
on the Current Crisis in Ukraine" will have gathered, things in 
Ukraine aren't peachy. To put things in perspective, think of the 
reaction on SEELANGS to Dr. Maxwell shutting down a single 
department at Drake. We've recently been contending with the 
president in Ukraine threatening to shut down _everything academic_ 
in Lviv (among other places) if they don't toe the line there. This 
is serious: there have been threats of deportations of foreign 
professionals, students have been arrested to shake them up, the 
Secret Service has "talked" with rectors and professors, and 
violence has been provoked at demonstrations--the whole nasty 
Soviet-style nine yards. The American Association for Ukrainian 
Studies and the Canadian Association of Slavists have responded by 
sponsoring the Statement. We soon will have a parallel statement 
from our students. Both are at the new AAUS website 

We know, from published discussions, that our efforts have made a 
difference in the dialog of resistance among academics and 
intellectuals in Ukraine. It has been extremely important to them at 
this critical time to know that they are not forgotten and that 
there is an international community that cares about their freedom. 
The current crisis is not a story about ethnic conflict, language 
conflict, or regional conflict. At its core, various corrupt 
oligarchic clans are vying for power, while a reformist democratic 
constituency is trying not to be completely shut out of the picture. 
News in Ukraine has been severely curtailed and the internet has 
proven to be vital in keeping avenues of information open. This is a 
struggle to determine what kind of country Ukraine will be for the 
next generation, if not longer.

Several of us here in the States are receiving news releases and 
personal analysis from various individuals and opposition 
organizations. Much of this information is ephemeral--it goes to a 
small group of people and is not posted elsewhere. At the same time, 
there is much of value on Ukrainian websites right now that those 
with Cyrillic-capable browsers can access. The opposition includes 
several good webmasters.

At the risk of losing what little sleep remains to us, we've decided 
to start posting most of the information that comes into us to the 
AAUS list that our group maintains. This will allow archiving for 
future reference, but also broaden the public that is informed about 
these things. I will be careful, though, to sanitize sources to 
avoid the possibility of reprisal for the originators.

Those who wish to join the AAUS list should send the following 
message (make sure there is no signature following it) to 
"majordomo@fas.harvard.edu". The message should read "subscribe 
aaus-list". The list is intended for professionals, but we are 
willing at this point to open it up to all those interested in 
Ukraine. Dominique Arel's "Ukraine List" (which is our equivalent of 
Johnson's Russian List) is disseminated on aaus-list.

At this point, also, I would like to issue a call to all those 
interested in joining the American Association for Ukrainian 
Studies. It affords membership in the International Association for 
Ukrainian Studies (IAUS), we meet twice yearly at AAASS and ASN, and 
members receive the journal "Harvard Ukrainian Studies" and the AAUS 
bulletin. AAUS is open to individuals from North America and Europe, 
but Canadians should note that the Canadian filial of IAUS is the 
Canadian Association of Slavists. Many of our members belong to both 

All those interested in joining AAUS should contact the 
Secretary-Treasures, Alexander Dillon, at dillon@fas.harvard.edu. 
Membership is $30.00 for active professionals, $20.00 for students 
and the retired, $40.00 for joint membership (one subscription).

All the best,

Rob De Lossa, AAUS
Robert De Lossa
President, American Association for Ukrainian Studies
1583 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138
617-496-8768; fax. 617-495-8097
reply to: rdelossa@fas.harvard.edu

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